At Environmental Industries we have qualified staff, as well as the appropriate plant and equipment, to provide a range of tree management services across Perth, WA. Our advanced tree management services ensure that your newly planted trees or shrubs are given every opportunity to develop to their full potential.

These tree management services include:

  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Watering
  • Tree Maintenance


Tree Planting Services

At Environmental Industries, our team provide a range of equipment to assist with all your tree planting needs. Our equipment available for planting includes a specially modified Isuzu tray top truck with extended body. Pictured below, this truck has a gravity fed hopper at the rear for easy access to 2.5m3 of mulch, a 400-litre water tank with pump and long hose for watering in new plants, racking and shelving to store stakes etc, ample space for storage of plants, and cones and signs for ensuring the public’s safety.

From experience, successful planting relies on the following:

  • Timing
  • Seedling care – during transport, storage, and planting
  • Plant layout
  • Planting method



Tubestock survival rate is significantly increased if planted in the correct season i.e., when rainfall is high (winter). During this time, seedlings should be hardened off adequately.

Seedling care

Rough handling results in more failures. Therefore, during transport, storage and the planting process, tubes need to be handled with care ensuring they do not dry out at any time.

Plant layout

To ensure tubes survive, they should be planted with adequate distance between each plant (size at maturity), in the correct areas e.g., shade tolerant plants in shaded areas, sun hardened plants in full sun, water tolerant plants in swales, drainage areas etc.

Planting Method

When planting, the area should be weed free at the time of planting. The holes need to be deep enough to ensure that once planted, the soil is level with the tube potting mix. A Pottiputki or spade are suitable tools for the sandy soils of the area.

Once the tube is in the ground and fertiliser added, press down gently to avoiding root or stem damage. Ensure an adequate amount of water is applied to meet the plants needs.

Tree Watering Services

It is said that water is the single most essential resource for a tree’s survival and growth. To ensure the required level of service is provided to each client, Environmental Industries can supply a specifically designed watering truck, as well as additional trucks, plant, equipment, and resources if required to meet peak demand periods.

Our water tanks vary in size, and we have smaller water tanks on the back of Utes that are agile enough to access the most difficult of locations as well as the larger water carriers (14000ltrs) that will meet the needs of any newly planted tree or shrub across most locations. Additionally, we are able to add to the watering, a liquid feed that will promote root growth, encourage beneficial soil micro-organisms whilst assisting the plant to cope with stresses like heat and pest and disease attack.

For Turf Watering and Tube stock/Garden beds

An automatic Hilux 4 x 4, with a GVM upgrade is available to allow Environmental Industries to safely (and legally) have a 1000ltr tank mounted to the rear. It is fitted with a Davey twin impellor firefighter pump with pressure regulator.

To reduce the damage caused by driving on turf, the Ute is fitted with a 100m fire hose and adjustable hand nozzle is attached. The GPS in the Ute allows transparent confirmation of all services performed.

Tree Maintenance Services

Once the young trees and/or plants are firmly in the ground and watered in, our team have the skills and knowledge to provide some light ongoing pruning and maintenance services, should it be required. It’s a great opportunity to ensure the trees and their crown can develop to their full potential by removing those branches that are crossing or rubbing or where damage or die back is visible. This simple form of maintenance takes a matter of minutes and will benefit the trees growth and form for the future.

Find out more about our tree planting, watering, and maintenance services today

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